Constipation and a Healthy Digestive Tract

Cures for a Healthy Digestive Tract and Constipation

Constipation is most often defined as having a bowel movement less than 3 times per week. It usually is associated with hard stools or difficulty passing stools. You may have pain while passing stools or may be unable to have a bowel movement after straining or pushing for more than 10 minutes.
These are conventional medicines guidelines, but you should really be having one bowel movement a day, and preferably two or three. So if you are having anything less than one bowel movement a day, you should consider taking some constipation remedies.


Having a poor diet is one of the main causes — one that focuses on processed foods and sugar and lacks fresh vegetables and fruit that are good sources of fiber. Fiber helps move bulk through your intestines and promotes bowel movements.

Hypothyroidism: An underactive thyroid gland is a common cause of constipation .

Ignoring the feeling to go: If you consistently ignore the urge to have a bowel movement, for instance to avoid using a public toilet, eventually you may stop feeling the urge.

Abusing laxatives: You can become dependent on laxatives If you take them over a long period of time,. First you may require higher dosages to have a bowel movement, and eventually your intestine can fail to work properly.

Antibiotics: when you have been on a round of antibiotics, it is important to take a good blend of probiotics. Antibiotics will kill the good bacteria in your digestive tracks, allowing an overgrowth of bad bacteria to take over. Constipation is usually a sign that you are lacking the good bacteria in your digestive system.


  • Eating a diet rich in fiber.
  • Drink plenty of water, half your body weight in ounces.
  • Get checked for hypothyroidism, especially if you’re a woman over 40
  • Try using  Psyllium, a great natural way to get fiber.
  • Exercise regularly. This helps stimulate circulation and intestinal function, causing your bowels to move properly.
  • Take probiotics regularly. This helps to balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut, which is essential for proper digestion function.

Using Balanced Green Energy food daily will help with keeping the digestive tract healthy. It has tremendous support for all major organs. It has been shown to help heal the gut and restore good bacteria, restoring normal bowel movements.

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