Diabetes, Blood Sugar and Balanced Green Energy Food

Diabetes and Blood Sugar problems have more than tripled in 20 years

The number of Americans with diabetes more than tripled from 1990 to 2010 and is now nearly 26 million. Almost all the increase came from type 2 diabetes. An additional 79 million Americans have pre-diabetes, which means they are at high risk of developing the disease. Diabetes is one of the fastest growing medical problems in the world. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that diabetes and its complications account for about $176 billion in medical costs every year. Pharmaceutical companies are getting rich! Doctors do what they are taught and will prescribe you a drug. This approach only puts a band-aid on your diabetes.

What are the main contributors to diabetes and blood sugar problems? Fast food, bad diet, overweight, lack of exercise and not taking the right supplements.

Balanced Greens Total Health, a healthy diet and exercise can help control your blood sugar. Listen to what Joyce says about Balanced Greens Total Health. I have been using Balanced Greens Total Health for about 6 months. I am happy to say my type 2 diabetes is at stable levels. I have great energy and my emotional well being is wonderful. It has also really helped with my digestion. Other things to do to help with diabetes:

  • Stop eating refined sugar
  • Don’t drink sodas /soft drinks
  • Avoid all processed foods including white breads
  • Avoid processed meats
  • Avoid fast food establishments
  • Be aware of dairy products – Coconut and Almond are good alternatives
  • Consume as many vegetables as possible
  • Take your Balanced Greens Total Health

Balanced Greens Total Health is a powerful, nutritionally rich, green superfood powder which supports the immune system, blood, cells, liver, kidneys, digestive tract, bones, pancreas, muscles, brain and circulation.

The statements for all Balanced Green Products have not been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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