Energy Food for Total Health

Total Health - a Natural Prescription for Health and Energy

If I told you our organic, raw, gluten free, vegan powdered superfood blend could provide you with great health benefits and more energy, would you believe me? There are reasons why we call our Total Health a “Natural Prescription for Health.” Let me tell you up front that I am not making claims about this product for health, but I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Total Health is not just a bunch of superfoods mixed together like so many you see on the market. It was and is formulated to balanced the chemistry of your blood, cells and organs. This means when you drink this powerful superfood your energy and health are improved. Total Health has 25+ years of clinical use at Mountain Family Wellness and is formulated by Dr. Cindy, an integrative oncologist naturopathic doctor who did years of research before using Energy Food at her clinic. What other company can say this about their superfood blend?  Our company, Balanced Greens initially used the name Energy Food but renamed her product in 2017 to Total Health.

Are you getting the government recommended 5-7 servings of fruit and vegetables a day?  If you have blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, digestive issues; or just want better looking skin, a stronger immune system, more energy you have to give Total Health a try for at least 120 days and see if you do not feel better. This 120 days is an investment of about $98. This is a small dollar investment for a major overhaul in your health and will get you great peace of mind.

Leah and I have been using Total Health ( Energy Food ) for about 15 years. It was a game changer for Leah’s health 15 years ago. We are both in our later 50’s and living med free. We know that if you stay consistently use this product and stay happy, Total Health will help you.

Leah and I now manufacture and distribute this product from Pleasant Hill, Oregon. For more information about blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, digestive issues, a strong immune system, more energy,  or listen to testimonies see our website at

For more information about Dr. Cindy and Mountain Family Wellness see –

Best of Health,
Richard Clough

The FDA has not evaluated this product. It should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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