Fulvic Acid Minerals and Trace Minerals

  1. What is Fulvic Acid Minerals?

  2. Why is Fulvic Acid Minerals considered the missing nutritional link?

  3. Why Balanced Green Fulvic Acid Minerals?

Allow me to answer these 3 questions about Fulvic Acid Minerals:

  1. Fulvic Acid Minerals is natures most powerful organic electrolyte and antioxidant. Electrolytes are the primary factors for cell and immune system health. They also assist in the absorption of minerals into the cells where the body can use them.  Fulvic Acid Minerals has the unique ability to break down toxins and reduce them to a harmless state. Fulvic Acid Minerals is effective at neutralizing a wide range of toxic materials including heavy metals. Fulvic is natures most powerful free radical scavenger,
  2. Fulvic Acid Minerals super oxygenates the blood and contains an abundant array of naturally occurring trace mineral, amino acids, electrolytes and enzymes that are essential for human health. Most holistic health experts believe the body breaks down or becomes ill because of  the lack of minerals.

As Dr. Cindy of Mountain Family Wellness Clinic states: Our clinic in Idaho implemented research on fruits and vegetables using the RBTI method and found that most fruits and vegetables are very low in minerals, even many of your organics. In affect when you consume low mineral produce, it uses the storage of the minerals from your own body to counteract the poor mineral content in the fruits and vegetables. Our food should build our mineral reserve not deplete it. Most holistic doctors agree that disease is caused by a mineral deficiency.

Minerals are directors of Nutrients. Minerals facilitate the transfer of nutrients across the cell.

3. Why Balanced Green Fulvic Acid Minerals?

  • Balanced Green’s Fulvic Acid Minerals is formulated by a naturopathic clinic- Mountain Family Wellness, formulators of our Energy Food.
  • Clinical evidence through Mountain Family Wellness and testimonies on Balanced Green website.
  • The most powerful Fulvic Acid Minerals on the market – 3.8% pure fulvic. You start with ONE spray and work up to 10.
  • Best price per serving in the marketplace.

* Fulvic is powerful by itself, but when used with our Balanced Green Energy Food it effects energy and health issues with greater impact. (the Power Twins).

Everyone should take Fulvic Acid Minerals, but if you have any of the following issues it is paramount.

  • Circulation Issues
  • Joint Pain or Inflammation
  • Endurance, Stamina or Energy
  • Thyroid or Thymus Glands
  • Memory loss
  • Yeast and/or fungus
  • Weak immune system
  • Libido (desire and function)
    For more on Fulvic Acid Minerals visit our website athttps://www.balancedgreen.org/

Best of Health,
Richard and Leah Clough

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