Minerals, Cell Superfood (Fulvic Acid Minerals) and Good Health

The importance of Minerals, Fulvic Acid Minerals and Good Health can not be underestimated!

Minerals are the building blocks of our bodies.  They are required for body structure, fluid balance, protein structures and to produce hormones. Most holistic healthcare providers believe that the body will breakdown, become ill or disease because of a lack of minerals. Sufficient mineral intake is a key for the health of every body system and function.

Minerals are required for all cellular energy production. Minerals are classified into four groups:  The macrominerals, trace minerals, possible required trace minerals and toxic metal minerals. This topic can be very complex and

Studies  prove this by depriving people of vital minerals would be unhealthy, but the wrong mineral in large quantity could be unhealthy or toxic. For example calcium and sodium are quite toxic in excess.

The use of chemicals in our farming practices have greatly depreciated the mineral content of most of our food supply.  An abundance of vital minerals protects against toxic metals.  Vital minerals compete with toxic metals for absorption and utilization in enzymes and other tissue structures. When food is low in essential minerals, the body absorbs and makes use of more toxic metals.  According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, causes for the low mineral content of almost all agricultural products are primarily:

1. Hybrid crops are bred for production or disease resistance, rather than superior nutrition.

2. Superphosphate fertilizers produce higher yields by stimulating growth, but do not provide all the trace elements.

3. Monoculture, the growing of just one crop over and over on the same piece of land,  eventually depletes the  soil.

4. Toxic sprays damage soil microorganisms needed to help plants absorb minerals from the soil.

5. Food refining and processing almost always reduce the mineral content of our  food.  Whole wheat flour, when milled to make white flour, loses 40% of its chromium, 86% of its manganese, 89% of its cobalt, 78% of its zinc and 48% of its molybdenum.  Refining cane into sugar causes even greater losses.  EDTA may be added to frozen foods to retain their color.  However, this chelating agent removes minerals that otherwise would cause the surface minerals to ‘tarnish’, discoloring the vegetables.

The term “empty calories”  describes most of our food today, even most natural foods.  Organically grown is better, but  nutrition varies and most organic food is still hybridized varieties. Cell Superfood  is a great product to increase and balance minerals in your body. Cell Superfood is considered to be nature’s most powerful organic electrolyte and free radical scavenger. This product provides 72 trace minerals, 15 amino acids, enzymes and all major electrolytes for your body. See the website for all the benefits Cell Superfood (Fulvic Acid Minerals) can  help with.

Here is what Kim said about Fulvic Acid Minerals. I have been taking Fulvic Acid for two weeks now. The first week was hell with serve headaches, very sleepy (detoxing). Second week and two sprays a day in my fresh green juice no more headaches and doing great. I didn’t realize how toxic I was. I now love the deep sleep and feeling good.

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