The Importance of Calcium and Healthy Bones

Calcium is one of the most popular minerals for making healthy bones.

Calcium is found in abundant quantities in the human bones and teeth; Calcium forms about 2 percent of the total body weight and plays many different important roles in the body; 99% of the body’s calcium supply is stored in the bones and teeth where it supports their structure and function. One problem that every individual faces as they age is bone loss. Calcium ensures that bones are strong and healthy. The process of bone loss speeds up if the body has low amounts of Calcium. Calcium also plays an important role in bone mineral density; this protects against Osteoporosis which is a condition that results in loss of bone density. Calcium also plays a vital role in promoting gum and dental health. Many cavities form as a result of a lack of calcium in the teeth.

The recommended FDA guidelines for Calcium is 1000 mg’s (adult). Most adults can get the recommended 1000 mgs over the course of a day by eating the right foods. For example, oatmeal, calcium-fortified orange juice, yogurt, salmon and spinach. But, if you are like most Americans it is tough to know what foods are high in Calcium, and then eat the right foods.

This is where Balanced Greens Total Health comes in. All eleven of our products have some Calcium. Three of the products like Rose Hips, Barley, Wheat Grass and Alfalfa are very high in Calcium. You get approximately 27% of your daily recommended dosage of Calcium with each serving.

Other health benefits of Calcium:

  • Regulating Blood Pressure

The National Institute of Health conducted research revealing that Calcium can aid in reducing blood pressure levels. Individuals who consumed Calcium rich foods had lesser problems related to blood pressure as compared to those who did not. High blood pressure levels can lead to Heart Attack and Stroke.

  • Prevents Obesity

Obesity is a major problem in America. Calcium rich foods can aid in avoiding obesity. People who suffer from Calcium deficiency usually have increased risk of Obesity. When the body is low on Calcium it releases ‘Parathyroid’ in the body which stimulates fats and prevents fat breakdown which leads to obesity. Ensuring that the body gets its daily required Calcium can protect you against this health problem.

  • Preventing Colon Cancer

If you are looking for a way to protect yourself against Colon Cancer, Calcium may be of help. Calcium reduces the risk of colon cancer by suppressing the growth of Polyps. Calcium also aids in reducing the risk of developing tumors in the colon.

  • Aids Healthy Alkaline (PH)Level

One very common medical problem common amongst people who consume a lot of junk food is increased acidity in the body. Increased acidity results in diseases such as Hypertension and Cancer. Calcium aids in regulating and maintaining a healthy PH level in the body.

Generally excess intake of Calcium does not pose any real threat to the human body. However, the quality of Calcium can vary. Another problem is that lactose intolerant people should avoid consuming Calcium rich foods such as Milk. bones teeth calcium

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