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We beat the competition in naturally occurring nutrients and health benefits

Our Total Health is the original Energy Food formula of a second generation naturopathic clinic – Mountain Family Wellness. We purchased the formula many years ago and brought it to market. It is a powerhouse in nutrition and health benefits. Don’t just settle for another superfood blend, get the one that does it all, and then some.

We add the original Energy Food formula ( now called Total Health ), 11 super dense and concentrated superfoods to our Plant Protein and Power Meal. This is what sets us apart and makes for nutrient rich, smooth and tasty all-in-one shakes

All of our formulas feed, re-build, balance chemistry at a cellular level, detox, balanced pH and so much more.

Try the difference today!

Benefits by Products

With only the highest quality ingredients, our products have a wide range of benefits from naturally boosting energy, support for your internal organs; thus helping inflammation, helping to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and more. Each individual ingredient contributes to the benefits of our products, to learn more check them out by product.