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    I’m a teacher, and for 23 years I have gotten every bug my kids get. I have always been “out sick” at least 4-7 days a year. Since including Balanced Greens in my daily regime, I haven’t been sick once it two years! I know BG is not a weight loss remedy, however, since taking BG, I have lost 18 lbs, probably because I have so much more energy and sleep better!


    Hey guys. Just a review. Started taking the total health and the cell super food spray and I’ve been amazed by the results. Felt amazing every since I started taking it. When I wake up I’m ready to go for a run. You got a customer for life. Thank you guys for all you do. God bless.


    I have been on the Total Health for about 4 years. I have tried many things, but this is the most impact I have found naturally. I feel amazing on this product, it has helped so much. I have ran out and I notice the difference in my energy levels. Can’t say enough!


    I greatly appreciate the fast respond, Richard! I contacted Amazon and they are refunding me. Thank you very much and also thanks for the amazing shakes! I spent a long while looking for a meal replacement that works for me after Garden of Life got bought out by Nestle, and am super happy I found Balanced Greens! I love your shakes better than I did Garden of Life! Keep up the amazing work over there and please don’t sell out to Nestle! 😛
    Hope you have an amazing day, thanks again!


    I met you at the Women’s Expo event in Portland. Since then, I’ve been using the Balanced Greens Plant Protein powder twice per day and am feeling great. Best of all my clothes are fitting better! Even more amazing is how just adding this drink to my diet has helped me to realize just how bad I was feeling before but had become so sensitized that I kept repeating the same dietary indiscretions that kept me in that sad situation.