Alfalfa – Why it is a Super Star Superfood

Alfalfa is one of the greatest plants put on this earth. Alfalfa is a plant which sends its roots down twenty to thirty feet into the ground and brings up the minerals that are not available on the surface. Minerals are one of the most neglected nutrients when people are looking for a superfood and Alfalfa fills this gap. Alfalfa is not only rich in minerals, but also vitamins, chlorophyll and other nutrients. Enzymes are sufficiently present to help in the digestion of all four classes of foods–proteins, fats, starches and sugars. Chlorophyll is a vibrant oxygen-rich food which many people consider an important healing agent in many ailments.

Alfalfa is especially rich in iron, calcium and phosphorus, all necessary for strong, healthy teeth. It has been acclaimed as a diuretic. The high Vitamin K content of Alfalfa helps to clot the blood properly and prevent against hemorrhages. For this reason it is recommended for pregnant women.

Alfalfa helps prevent and regulate high blood pressure. The high Vitamin A content in the plant is excellent to prevent infection also helps prevent night blindness. Alfalfa is good for high stress jobs and athletes.  Alfalfa is one of the few vegetable sources of Vitamin D. One of the important vitamins present in Alfalfa is Vitamin U, which has been used to treat peptic ulcers.

Benefits according to Mountain Family Wellness Clinic: Helps in the management of diabetes, reduces blood sugar and improves insulin secretion, aids in improving digestion and assimilation of food, improves kidney function and expels fluid retained in the body as it is a diuretic, fortifies and cleanses blood,  treats mild anemia and restores normal hemoglobin levels, reduces risk of heart disease and stroke,  lowers cholesterol, decreases intestinal absorption of cholesterol, prevents plaque built up in arteries, softens mature plaques, reduces blood pressure, cleanses the colon, treats kidney and bladder stones, prevents fatigue associated with vitamin, mineral or protein malnutrition, reduces appetite thereby promoting weight loss and it contains high levels of enzymes for food digestion and assimilation.

This is a superfood that you cannot ignore in you diet and it is in our superfood blend – Total Health.

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