The Importance of Detoxing

The Importance of Detoxing Has Never Been so Important as it is Today

We can't avoid being exposed to an ever increasing amount of toxins and chemicals. Your liver is supposed to handle the job of detoxification and keep you healthy, but your body is not used to having to deal with so many toxins.

The systems that detox the body are the liver, kidneys, gallbladder, bowels, lymphatic system, spleen, lungs and skin.  In an ideal world, these systems work together to rid our bodies of the toxins produced and can be stressed by the overload of toxins in our food and environment.

The problem is pollution, pesticides, herbicides, GMO foods, toxins, stress and a less than perfect diet, leading to nutritional deficiencies, place a great load on our body’s detoxification abilities.  As time goes on our body’s ability to rid itself of toxins becomes harder and harder, and the toxins start to accumulate in our tissues. This causes the body to hold onto fat, making it harder to stay lean and healthy. This places an enormous stress on our body's immune system.  Immune disorders are one of the fastest growing group of diseases.  Allergies, food intolerances, autoimmune diseases, cancer and chronic infections are on a steep climb. They are also occurring in younger and younger people. Children are now developing diseases that were previously only seen in adulthood and 70% of Americans are overweight.

Your day to day diet, lifestyle and habits are the most important factors to assist your body in being able to detox naturally .  There is little benefit to following a strict diet for a week and then going back to eating poorly for months.  Prevention is better than needing a cure and it is best to minimize your exposure to toxins and chemicals as best you can.  Many of the chemicals we are exposed to today, whether they are in food or the environment are newly created molecules that take many years to break down.  This means our body hasn’t developed the ability to deal with these chemicals.

Using the Total Health / Cell Superfood Power Team is an easy, affordable and very impactful way to detox and keep the body detoxed daily. Total Health not only gently detoxes your body daily, but nourishes and alkalizes it as well. The Cell Superfood is a powerhouse of 72 naturally occurring trace minerals, antioxidant and electrolytes. Cell Superfood is a more aggressive detox and will detox at a deep cellular state. It is also know as one of natures most aggressive free radical scavenger. Cell Superfood is also a catalyst driving all nutrients it is mixed with to a deeper cellular level. This will help pull toxins from deep within the tissue that other detoxes can not do. When taken with the Total Health you will get the perfect cellular detox and nourishment at the same time. Both of these products have many other health benefits, but for healthy detoxing purposes, they are hard to beat.

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