Stress Is A Killer How To Stop It In 3 Easy Steps

Stop stress from wrecking your professional success in 3 easy steps

There is a killer in your work place and I’m not joking around. That killers name is stress! It can wreck you physically and hinder the potential for you to be the best professional you can be! But have no fear we are here to help!

Whatever kind of professional you are, you are sure to deal with frustrations, pressure and intense situations.  All those things can equal high stress levels in your body. I mean seriously some days are worse than others, right? Some days it’s like your boss is on some mega super ego trip like they somehow forgot that you’re a person too. You may even dream of telling them off and pulling a Jerry McGuire, but that is probably not the best option!

You don’t need anything messing with your health and lowering your chances of success! You’ve got to be at the top of your game! There is no time for- high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, anxiety, chest pain and headaches just to name a few! Yikes, do you see the seriousness of stress in your life! How can you be the best possible you with all that junk going on from stress?

You can’t be! ALRIGHT- So like I said we at the balanced greens team are here to help!

3 simple & power packed tips to limit stress:

Starting off at #1 is health and diet.

Yes, your diet can be directly related to stress. Start by cutting out as much processed, sugary foods as you can. These foods can add to blood sugar highs and lows only making stress amplified in your life. Trust me I know when you’re having a super frustrating day a delicious chocolate cupcakes sounds like the perfect remedy, well maybe that’s just me. You might like a big bag of onion and cheese potato chips, maybe that me again… ha, but you know what I mean. Sugary junk foods only cause more chaos in your body.

If you want to run at optimum efficiency so you can be at the top of your game, and be ready for that big opportunity, then you need that right fuel! Junk is not it.

Try replacing some of the junk with yummy anti stress foods. Avocado, nuts & seeds, blueberries, asparagus, wild caught Salmon, leafy greens, oranges and dark chocolate (now that’s what I’m talking about!!!) All these food are loaded in beneficial vitamins that lower stress.

Then, mix a glass of our Total Health green drink twice a day. It’s a power pack recipe specifically designed to get your health back on track, we call it a radical prescription for health. It will help your body stop that stress killer in its tracks!

In the #2 spot, we have Exercise- Yes I know you are super busy and this may not fit perfectly into your schedule but be a little creative here. Exercise makes you feel good; hello… your body produces endorphins during physical activity. What the heck are endorphins you may be asking? It’s a chemical released in the brain that, basically makes you feel happier. Your body was meant to move and stretch and when it does you feel good. So take the stairs at work, walk to get lunch, pull up a YouTube video on yoga or have some great energetic sex (always a good stress reliever in my opinion!) There are lots of ways to move that body, so do it! Make some time, no excuses. You’re trying to be the best you possible and your body needs to move!

Rounding into the #3 spot is… Get a life! Yes, yes I said it. Get a life, have some fun, laugh, live and love. Don’t let work consume your life. You’ve got to step away from it and let it go.

Trust me, I know for some of us it’s harder said than done, BUT FIND A WAY TO DO IT.  When I was working in sales sometimes my mind would be constantly crawling over numbers and strategies. It is a personality thing for me; I can obsess about making a goal. I could act like some kind of a freak for making my numbers happen. Sometimes I didn’t even want to quit that day unless I had met my personal goals. It’s just the way I’m wired. But I had to shut it down, turn it off and step away.

I had to get a life and so do you! You need to laugh, go out, have fun and switch your working brain off and live. This truly helps diminish stress. It gives your body and brain a chance to get out of work mode and just relax! You need that in your life.

So let’s recap your game plan to stop that stress in your life!

  • Change that diet up! No more garbage eating! Eat clean, get healthy with some awesome supplements your body is craving.
  • Move your body, find some way to get active.
  • Last but not least get a life, free your mind and have some fun!

Ok easy enough for now, you got this! There are thousands of helpful health tips we could give you today but there’s not time for all that right now. So we hope you take a sec and sign up to receive the best most helpful and interesting health How To’s for an amazing hard working professional like yourself!

So remember, you can only go as far as your health will take you, so get your health hustle on so you can be the best professional you can possibly be!


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